'YOU MUST BE ON STEROIDS' - I started hearing that back in University, around 25 years ago.  It took awhile to realize that it was a compliment and it’s one I still get today.  I don’t know the first thing about steroids, but I’ve always known that with most of what we do, our progress depends on how well we master the fundamentals.   In every sport, that means hundreds of hours of practice, but in the gym, everyone is looking for that shortcut, that one way of training that will get them jacked in three months.  

Who can blame them? It’s how most books & articles are written and it's how programs and supplements are marketed. Truth be told, it’s unrealistic and sets people up for failure, it does actually take more than three months to get big. 

Results in the gym come from learning how to lift weights correctly, developing the ability to focus your mind and understanding what it takes to recover.  it means hard, week-after-week and year-after-year.  I wrote 25 Years to give both men and women the opportunity to learn just what it takes to build muscle, both from a physical and mental standpoint. It will entertain, motivate and challenge you to be better.  There is no other book like it and regardless of your level of experience, there's something in it for everyone.                                                    


This is where I try and go outside the box and bring content that don't see anywhere else...all in an effort to educate.

A Few Pics Now and Then...


Writing is an addictive escape...this part isn't about 'tips', it's about creative thoughts put into words.  I hope you enjoy it...


   It's 7am, not the usual six.  It was a late night, Melissa and I had tickets to a concert in Toronto.  We saw John Mayer play at the Amphitheatre, which is a great outdoor venue.  Not much for his usual songs but on stage, he can play guitar as good as anyone and he creates this intimate atmosp…

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